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Gene Beason   Mon. 22.01.18

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tony littlewood   Sun. 16.09.12

hi i have stayed with you before, but at the old hotel. could you please send me room prices for the beging of june 2013, as i hope to ride down with two more bikers,many thanks.
Bjørn Lien   Sat. 30.06.12

A pleasure to here. Hadn't planned to stay more than one night, but love the hotel, the scenery and the climb. Will surely be back.
Jane / Dale Roberts   Thu. 28.07.11

We stayed for 2 nights in July unexpectedly but I must say it was great, loved the style of the hotel, comfortable rooms, excellent food, well looked after, fantastic drying room - would highly recommend it
Marc   Mon. 25.07.11

Bravo pour l'ambiance et la deco !!! Une pompe à bière dans un moteur de 750 kawa 4 cyl ==> une idée de génie !!
Faulcon Sébastien   Fri. 22.04.11

Good Morning,

I would like to book 4 singles rooms from Monday 06th of june 2011 to Sunday 12th of june 2011. The guest's names are:

- Brahim Kara
- Mathieu Fontaine
- Pascal Masset
- Damien Petit

From Monday 13th to Friday 17 th of june 2011, there will be 5 peoples:

- Sébastien Faulcon
- Mathieu Fontaine
- Pascal Masset
- Damien Petit
- Vincent Potel

We'll need also the workshop with the lift near the hôtel. Please to book for us this workshop From monday 06th of june until Friday 17th of june 2011

Best regards.